Expert Housekeeping

Arrowhead Lodges provides free laundry and linens, beds made and one hour’s worth of housekeeping by a two-person crew. Services included are:

  • floors mopped and vacuumed
  • linens and towels washed and beds made
  • ashes cleared from the fireplace
  • toilets scrubbed

The rest of the surfaces are our guests’ responsibility. This formula proves best for our guests; and allows our House Managers to complete an entire house cleaning in the short turnover time.

Please leave the Lodge the way you found it, otherwise — with clean surfaces, and furniture and household items, including dishes, returned to their original locations.

Leave beds unmade, not stripped.

If you wish a full cleaning, a housekeeping fee of $25/hour will be deducted from your deposit. Please make this request ahead of time, for accurate scheduling. 100% of housekeeping fees go to our House Managers, we make no profit from them. For a detailed check-out list, and more housekeeping specifics, consult the Lodge’s Guest Bible.

Phone Service

Arrowhead Lodges no longer provides free local phone service (despite what Guest Bibles say, we’ll be revising those next).

Cell phone service can vary, depending on where in the mountains you are. Verizon has traditionally been the best carrier in Lake Arrowhead, but others work passably. There is a dead spot for everyone on the drive up — approximately halfway up the mountain. Don’t worry. It comes back when you reach the top.

Bring your charger … and remember to take it home.

Returning Items

Expert Housekeeping
Please make every effort to bring everything home with you that you’ve packed?

We understand, and have left things behind ourselves… however, there is a minimum $40 fee for returns. The reason is, it requires that a House Manager be sent to the Lodge to look for and retrieve your item, possibly interrupting guests that have subsequently arrived. Then they must take your item to the Post Office, package it up and pay to have it sent (there is no mail service in Lake Arrowhead, so they cannot do it from home). We must then reimburse our House Manager, and collect the money from you.

Considering the time/gas/money/people this all involves, $40 as the minimum charge just covers our costs for returning a non-valuable item via Priority Mail, which cannot be tracked. We will insist on returning expensive items via FedEx, for tracking purposes, for a minimum $60 charge. The fee for looking for, but not finding the lost item is $25.

Trash Removal

Unlike many companies, Arrowhead Lodges provides trash removal services for all its homes. There are two 33-gallon cans available, and one recycling can. San Bernardino County requires that these cans be kept in their animal-proofed box at all times. Please bring and use 33-gallon trash bags for your refuse. Trash pick-up is Tuesday or Wednesday morning. You may arrive at your Lodge to find trash already in the cans. This happens when two parties stay during the same week. Do not worry. If, for some reason, trash is not collected during your stay, simply leave your trash tightly sealed in the trash bags in the kitchen (making sure they don’t leak). The housekeeper will remove them at no charge. Never leave bags outside, as critters love to tear them apart, and this will result in a yard cleaning fee. Any bags over the 2-bag maximum will be removed for $5/bag, and the charge automatically deducted from your deposit.

Travel Tips

Do NOT rely solely on GPS to navigate to your Lodge. Please print out the directions and follow them closely, making sure to note mileages given. Directions are a courtesy and cannot foresee travel from every direction, or frequent road changes. They are solely meant as a supplement to both GPS systems and current maps. Arrowhead Lodges accepts no implied liability for providing this courtesy service.

Winter Travel Tips

Snowfall can impair access. Watch weather advisories and check your e-mail for notices from Arrowhead Lodges. Please visit our Winter Weather Driving Tips link for the ultimate advice on travelling in snowy areas. Remember that fog often accompanies snow.

It is highly advised that you have the following items with you … not only for use at the Lodge, but for any trips to and from the area during winter travel.

  • Blankets for extended travel periods in the car
  • Chains are required for all vehicles during snowfall

Some exceptions for 4WD vehicles with snow tires. In winter, snow may fall after your arrival, so be prepared. Don’t wait to find out that they don’t make chains for your vehicle. Chains sell out quickly. Don’t rely on purchasing them during your trip. AAA WILL NOT TOW VEHICLES WITHOUT CHAINS.

  • Ice Scrapers
  • Kitty Litter and/or Rock Salt  for under tires and for walking surfaces
  • Hand Shovel for digging debris out from under tires
  • Strong Flashlight for chain application at night or in fog
  • Waterproof Gloves, Footwear and Gear

Snow Removal Fees

Rates fluctuate widely depending on snow depth, ice content and number of cars. We always attempt to spread out the fees across multiple rentals where possible. Considering that many rental services will simply cancel your stay, rather than deal with all the effort this takes, we anticipate your patience and trust that we will secure the best rate possible.

Services may apply to:

  • Full driveway (two cars maximum in winter)
  • Steps and walkway leading to home (required for safety)

The County of San Bernardino requires snow removal from all vacation rental parking areas. This is to keep vacationers’ cars from hindering Lake Arrowhead street plowing operations. We suggest carpooling to bring down fees, which are deducted from the deposit on an as needed basis, at Arrowhead Lodges’ sole (and reasonable) discretion. If the areas are freed of snow and guests arrive later than stated, they may only park on the side of the street for the amount of time it takes to clear the parking areas of snow. Street parking is a code violation, and Arrowhead Lodges may lose it’s permit for non-compliance. Failure to follow these procedures may result in deposit forfeiture, possible eviction, and full liability for any permit appeal charges incurred by Arrowhead Lodges due to renter negligence.

Always use your best judgment, and shovel the snow from the parking areas before entering. Do not attempt to drive up the driveway if it is not reasonably cleared. Consider parking as close to the street side of the drive as possible to reduce shoveling for exits. Arrowhead Lodges and its affiliates are not liable for any injury to persons or property due to weather. Renters are fully liable for any damage to Laketop Lodge during their stay. Be safe. Call us first if you have any questions or concerns.

100% of snow removal fees go to labor, Arrowhead Lodges does not profit from snow removal at all. Please understand that many vacation rental companies will cancel their guests’ stay rather than deal with the extreme/thankless effort of providing snow clearance. While we make no guarantees, and you are ultimately responsible for snow clearance, Arrowhead Lodges promises to make every effort to make sure your drive and pathways are cleared, and will find the most reliable and cost effective service possible to serve you. We believe you deserve your vacation. Please reciprocate this courtesy by only driving snow-worthy vehicles, preferably 4-wheel drives, and do not expect a refund if roads are passable to 4WDs with chains, but your vehicle cannot make it to the Lodge.

Arrowhead Lodges is not a rescue service. Be prepared. We no longer send our staff out to help stranded guests. We will provide phone assistance to the best of our ability.



Please be aware that, should we have the pleasure of booking your group, everyone in your party is responsible for knowing and following all rules and instructions posted at the Lodge, or contained anywhere in this site, or in the Lodge’s Guest Bible; or contained in any e-mails sent by Arrowhead Lodges staff. A printed Guest Bible is provided for our guests, however, sometimes they “grow feet.” Please consider printing a copy and keeping it handy.